1. amiwithani:

    Book therapist, for the low low price of $30/hour.

    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your response! My therapy services differ from the (excellent-sounding) customer service at your local bookstore in that in therapy, we can explore more personal issues in depth. For example, let’s say you would like to get better at setting boundaries with a needy friend while still maintaining the friendship. Together, we would talk about your situation, find the right book to read, and work together to make a practical plan to apply the lessons of the book to your specific situation. I’ll be your coach as you read the book, pushing you to actually apply what you’ve read to make real improvements in your life. Our “bookshelf” to choose from is unlimited, so if you prefer poetry to self-help, or biography to natural sciences, we will cater to that.
    Finding the right book comes down to your situation, your preferences in terms of genres, if there are any books you’ve been meaning to read that might fit the bill, and my own recommendations and research. If I have not already read the book, I will do extensive background research (by reading reviews from reputable sources, finding a copy of the book and skimming it, etc) to make sure that it best suits your situation.
    My background is that I work as a business strategy consultant. This means that I help businesses make big changes and do new things. So while I don’t have a traditional background in therapy, I am passionate and experienced when it comes to helping people make changes and unlock their potential. I’m also told by many of my friends that I’m very helpful when it comes to talking out a bothersome issue.
    If you are interested in pursuing this, we can set up an initial one-hour session this weekend to talk about what issues you would like to explore in therapy. I would like you to e-mail me your own personal “To Read” list if you have one, or to link me to your goodreads list. Here’s my own profile on goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/16819800-lucy
    Looking forward,

    This is such horse shit.
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    I’m a little concerned that this is right in my new neighborhood.
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    "we’ll take lessons you learn from the book and make a practical plan for applying them to your life." like some...
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    You don’t need to pay for a book therapist, just follow the right people on Tumblr!
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    okay, I’m a social worker/psychotherapist in private practice for over 20 years. So, is it crazy that i think this is a...
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    Hello Alex, Thank you for your response! My therapy services differ from the (excellent-sounding) customer service at...
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    Is it just me, or is the bookshelf image upside down? Subtle hint at how this service can change your life?I suspect...
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    SUMMER OF MEGADETH: Just don’t read you dolt. That’ll be $666.69 please and spank you.
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    The natural evolution of book recommendation engines, I suppose.
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    Cynical Allyson: Dollars to donuts this person is just recommending “Ishmael” and “The Happiness Project” to everyone...
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    I want that job!
  40. italicsmine said: Gotta say, not a bad small business idea!
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    Real book therapy sessions take place over alcohol, everyone knows THAT.
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