1. So, today I participated in the DC Zinefest. By this I mean that I sat at a table and got excited whenever someone came up to me and expressed mild interest in the things I had made—those things being zines and (sadly not pictured) some drawings. Having never taken part in a fest, sold my work—or, for that matter really even discussed it with people other than mailing it off to friends and saying something like, “here, take this”—this was a first, surreal and exhilarating sort of experience.

    Infinite thanks to:

    • Amy and the other organizers for putting this all together and allowing me to take part.
    • Hillary for tabling for me whenever I got anxious and insisting I show some enthusiasm and pride in my stuff.
    • Anyone who bought something or was kind enough to let me talk at them for any period of time about myself or cosmic horrors.
    • My dad for giving me a ride to Kinkos this morning and folding and stapling stuff with me because he thought it was cool that I was doing this.

    I still have quite a few things leftover that I would be happy to give to people. Either send me a message or email with your address and you’ll get some reading material and probably a letter as well.


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